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The simplest and most powerful client collaboration software available

for CPA's and their Clients

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Why AuditDashboard?

Audit and tax engagements are complex. They require fluid coordination and collaboration, yet the current process for managing them is everything but.

Professionals gather information from their clients using static lists and exchange files through email and disorganized portals. Often, key information is missed because it is hidden in someones inbox, hours are wasted tracking communication and teams lack the visibility they need to make better decisions. Ultimately, this costs your firm money.

Firms need to update the way they work from broken, out of date systems to one that integrates with existing software and supports the entire client experience.

We call this system Client Engagement Workflow and it is exactly what we have built here at AuditDashboard.

Introducing:  Client Engagement Workflow

For CPAs and their Clients 

AuditDashboard = engagement management best practices + secure portal + best-in-class organization & functionality.

Intuitive, web-based software that standardizes the information collection process. Accounting firms who use AuditDashboard deliver consistent client experiences that drive efficiency and promote accountability in a completely secure way.
Accounting firms love AuditDashboard because it helps them save time and stay organized. Clients love AuditDashboard because it’s easy to use and keeps everyone up to date.

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The Dynamic Request List

Each line item represents a request for information that a professional needs. Getting started with AuditDashboard is easy by importing an existing request list.

Screenshot of AuditDashboard

Drag and drop files anywhere on top of a request item. They will automatically be uploaded and matched with the request so it's easy to answer the question "What's Outstanding?"

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1. Create dynamic
request lists

2. Invite clients 
and assign requests

3. Receive documents organized by request

4. Automatically track and collect outstanding information


Increase efficiency, security and enhance your client’s experience.

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Dynamic Request Lists

Quickly import an existing request list. Stay organized by pairing files & requests using drag & drop.

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Automatic Updates

Keep everyone up to date with real time status updates that eliminate irritating follow up.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Ask us about our advanced security program trusted by thousands of professionals.

A Bird's-Eye View

Quickly and easily obtain a bird's-eye view of who's doing what and when.

User Administration

Easily add, invite, or remove users to collaborate in real-time. 

Centralized Discussion

Streamline questions and inquiries with your team or client.

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You Are in Good Company

Independent accounting firms from the worlds best networks and associations trust AuditDashboard.

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Don't see your network? Reach out to ask for a reference. Our customers are represented in almost every global network and association.

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1. Create dynamic
request lists

2. Invite clients 
and assign requests

3. Receive documents organized by request

4. Automatically track and collect outstanding information

Powered by the Microsoft Cloud

AuditDashboard is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data centers, providing our customers with the highest level of reliability, security and availability.
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