Electronic Signatures, integrated with your workflow.

Create e-signature requests in seconds, automate the entire process.

Mobile Friendly
World-Class Security
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The Challenge

You have documents that need to be signed.

Your firm has started to adopt electronic signatures but licenses are only available for a handful of admins. Since getting admins involved in your workflow takes time, you’ve developed a habit of getting your clients to sign important documents using their e-signature tool or worse, to print and sign them manually.

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The Solution

Automate the signature request process for all your documents.

Automate the Signature Request Process for...

Engagement Letters
Tax Forms and Documents
Statements of Work
Management Representation Letters
Audit Reports
Audit Plans
Audit Opinion
Financial Statements
Legal Letters
... and more!
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Request a Signature

Turn any document into an
e-signature request.
Automate follow-up. Reduce turn-around times.
An icon to signify that the electronic signature solution works on desktop and mobile

Sign Anywhere

Sign documents from any device, in seconds.
Signers don't need an account or any training.
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Track Status

See what e-signatures are prepared, sent, and signed.
Share and store files with world-class security.

Avoid badgering clients, automate the follow-up.

Personalized email notifications highlight your brand and automatically notify signers.

A black professional accountant saving time by receiving electronic signatures

Ready to see it in action?

Book a demo where we'll ask you some questions to learn more about your firm and show you how we may be able to help you save time, and improve your team and clients experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create e-signature requests?

All professional users who are given sufficient permission and access rights can initiate e-signature requests directly from their PBC list after logging into AuditDashboard.

Do signers need licences?

No. Signers do not need to be licenced, logged in or registered with AuditDashboard. Signature requests can be sent to anyone, anytime.

What document types are supported?

You can upload Word, Excel, PDF, JPG and PNG files. The system automatically converts these files into PDF to save you a step in the process.

What if I send a request to the wrong person?

It’s easy to delete an e-signature request and restart. The recipient may choose to decline or ignore your request. Just like email, you want to make sure you invite the correct person to review and sign your doc.

Is the fee per signature?

No, the fees are calculated per signed and completed document. Many providers charge when a signature is initiated. Depending on which solution you currently use, we expect this benefit could save you 17%.

How do I get started?

Book a demo to set up a preview and experience what it's like to sign a document, the exact same way your team, clients, and other stakeholders would.

Who certifies that the e-signature is legally-binding?

Our Partner signNow. AuditDashboard is a value-added reseller of signNow’s world-class application which complies with the ESIGN Act, the UTEA Act and, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

Avoid emailing your clients attachments to print and sign.
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What clients and firms are saying about AuditDashboard

Our clients have found the transition painless, and because Audit Dashboard is so user friendly, we've had to provide very little instruction to our clients on how to use the it. I wish we had discovered Audit Dashboard sooner!

BST & Co. CPAs, LLP Logo
Gayla Thornton, Partner
Armstrong, Backus & Co., LLP

I began using Audit Dashboard two years ago and couldn’t live without it. I start each morning by checking my emails, checking the dashboard and having a coffee. It saves me a ton of time.

McGovern Hurley Logo
Jessica DiRito, Partner
McGovern Hurley LLP

Audit Dashboard was quick to help us get up and running. We completed our training on a Friday in late January and were using Audit Dashboard with our first group of clients the following Monday. It didn’t take us long to understand the benefits and after a month, we increased our licenses by 35%.

BST & Co. CPAs, LLP Logo
Paul Goetz, Partner

Everyone is very happy with AuditDashboard. Our clients are really enjoying it - several have voluntarily comments how much they enjoying using it.

BST & Co. CPAs, LLP Logo
Ryan Gibson, Partner
Condley & Company, LLP
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