Our mission is to make your
professional life easier.

More than just file sharing, we are rethinking communication.

AuditDashboard Inc. is a software company that develops applications for the accounting industry. Founded in 2012,  AuditDashboard develops world-class, web-based software that makes work easier for professionals and their clients. Our software delivers exceptional client experiences and helps standardize processes to increase productivity.

Our Approach

People First

We believe that firms must innovate in order to be successful and that everyone at your firm has an important role to play.

Behavior Second

We don't believe that innovation is just about new technology. We believe it is primarily about about changing behavior.

Technology Third

We believe that adopting AuditDashboard can help your firm innovate to provide better client service and be more productive.

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Powered by the Microsoft Cloud

AuditDashboard is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, providing our customers with the highest level of reliability, security and availability.