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Application Programming Interface (APIs)

This document is intended to outline the capabilities of our application programming interface or APIs.

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AuditDashboard is a headless SaaS platform with a suite of modern RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) available for customers and partners who are ready to connect their systems and advance their workflows.

Utilizing APIs can eliminate the need for manual tasks such as exporting, importing, or entering data into, and extracting data from, AuditDashboard and the connected system(s).

The AuditDashboard API suite contains the following APIs:

Engagement API: Seamlessly create engagements, manage engagement workflows, templates, and user access. The Engagement API also allows engagements, requests, comments, and files to be read, updated, deleted, and downloaded.

Files API: For customers that subscribe to Files, our year-round file portal, this API allows the uploading and downloading of files, and file versions.

Customer API: Allows the creation, editing, and deactivation of companies, divisions, and offices.

User API: Allows the modification and reporting of users. The User API allows a Firm to connect their identity server to AuditDashboard to provide automated onboarding and management.

Insights & Analytics API: Allows users to access metadata and metrics about users and engagement activity. The Analytics API can produce raw metric based metadata to help track the performance of any object in AuditDashboard.

Example use cases include but are not limited to:

The AuditDashboard Customer Success Team is ready to help your organization harness our powerful suite of APIs. After a discovery process, we will provide your development team with the documentation, tools and access required to consume our modern, RESTful based APIs.

To discover how you can benefit from our APIs