Keep track of team and client PBC requests.

Perfect for projects that are done remotely, involve multiple people, or have long lists of requests.

Import requests from Excel
Roll-forward year-over-year
Customize notifications
Restrict access
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Accounting professional on his ipad and cell phone completing his year-end engagement using AuditDashboard
An illustration of the conversations, requests and workflow that take place in AuditDashboard

Your centralized source of truth.

Is the information you need stuck in your colleagues’ inbox causing inefficiency, miscommunication, and duplicate requests?

Keep track of all prepared by clients (PBC) requests, inquiries, documents, and conversations. Avoid interrupting your team and clients.

“I love that I can always find the correct version of a file on Audit Dashboard and see the full history of when it was provided, how many versions there are and what conversations have occurred. Prior to using Audit Dashboard, we could never achieve that level of visibility without forwarding each other a ton of emails.”

Nathan Plack, Sr. Manager
MCM CPAs & Advisors

Keep everyone up to date, automatically.

Are you spending excessive time following up manually?

Receive exactly what you need faster, without having to manually send updates to your team and clients.

“Prior to Audit Dashboard, our method of obtaining prepared by client (PBC) files and updating clients of items left to send was done through an Excel spreadsheet and email. We were inefficient, and it was cumbersome for an entire team to keep up with the information we were provided and the information we still needed.”

Gayla Thornton, Partner
Armstrong, Backus & Co., LLP
A product illustration of a document being uploaded via the right-hand navigation in AuditDashboard
A product illustration of the dashboard overview in AuditDashboard

Visualize your workflow,
in real-time.

Wish you could get an overview of your engagements at a glance?

Visualize the progress of your engagements. Without having to manually prepare a report.

“Audit Dashboard’s been great for keeping our engagements on track. It gives everyone a clear understanding of what has been submitted for review, what has been reviewed, how much information remains outstanding, and who needs to do what in order to bring the engagement to completion.”

Khine Soe, Manager
Pitcher Partners Brisbane
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AuditDashboard's information request list provides a more organized, secure, and collaborative experience for thousands around the world.

How does it work?

An icon of an excel file being uploaded
Step One

Create a dynamic
PBC request list

Quickly import/upload an Excel-based request list into the portal to get started or rollover an engagement to save time year after year.

An icon of two talking bubbles signifying conversation
Step TWO

Invite colleagues and clients to securely collaborate

At a glance, see what has been requested, what has been uploaded, who each request is assigned to, and for what date.

An icon for drag and drop

Drag and drop capabilities make it easy to fulfill requests

When a client responds to a request, by uploading documents or answering a query, the request status is automatically updated from outstanding to submitted.

An icon for real-time feedback

Provide real-time feedback

Professionals review submitted information and provide real-time feedback by either accepting the information or asking for additional details.

An exclamation mark icon to signify tracking what is outstanding

Track what is outstanding

At any time both professionals and clients can see exactly what has been submitted, what has been accepted, and what remains outstanding.

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