2023 Spring Release

AuditDashboard introduces rich Insights and more personalized firm branding


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Digital Transformation

Client Experience

Our profession faces numerous challenges, including increasing regulatory complexity, pressure to optimize resource allocation amidst staff shortages and a growing need for real-time access to information. To overcome these pain points, professional service firms are adopting innovative, data-driven solutions that empower them to manage engagements more effectively.

At the same time, client expectations are evolving. Clients expect seamless, best-in-class collaboration tools that streamline their interactions and enhance the overall experience.


Dave Mundy
President & Founder
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In the face of these opportunities, we are incredibly excited to share how AuditDashboard’s 2023 Spring Release doubles down on our commitment to empowering firms to make more informed data-driven decisions to avoid inefficiency and improve the client experience.


Insights by AuditDashboard turns data from project activities and client interactions into actionable business intelligence.

Firm users can now visualize all their active engagements on a timeline. With Insights, it has never been easier to see when client projects are expected to start/end and answer important questions at a glance, like: Have we received enough information to get started? Are we in a good position to finish before the due date?

Further, firm users can use Insights to visualize key data points from engagements to make more informed decisions and have more impactful conversations about project management. For example, did the client submit all required information before the agreed-upon start date so the team could review everything when scheduled to do so? If not, was sufficient information provided when we started our review?

Insights like these and more are immediately available for all customers!

Firms can access insights in-app or subscribe to our Data Connectivity Solutions, providing more flexibility and integration options to pair key Insights from AuditDashboard with Business Intelligence from other systems. Speak with your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to learn more about our Data Connectivity Solutions.

Your clients, your services, your brand

This release also includes more options for firms to emphasize their brand – demonstrating our continued commitment to offering a personalized, unified, and efficient platform that caters to clients' unique needs across various service lines.

Clients want simple, consistent interactions with their accounting firm, and we appreciate tax and advisory professionals may be hesitant to use software called “Audit” Dashboard. With this release, firms now have the option to name their portal. That's right. Firms can now name their portal whatever they want, e.g. "The [firmname] Dashboard." And notification emails can come from "The [firmname] Dashboard" or a more formal legal name like "[firmname LLP]."

built for today and tomorrow

As the future of professional services unfolds, digital collaboration will play a pivotal role in enhancing how firms interact with their clients, manage engagements, and optimize resources. Embracing cutting-edge platforms like AuditDashboard will not only ensure a seamless experience for clients but also drive growth and success for firms in the long run. Through continual innovation, AuditDashboard is committed to shaping the future of digital collaboration and elevating the standards of professional service firms worldwide.  

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