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What customers are saying...

Our clients have found the transition painless, and because Audit Dashboard is so user friendly, we've had to provide very little instruction to our clients on how to use it. I wish we had discovered Audit Dashboard sooner!

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Gayla Thornton, Partner
Armstrong, Backus & Co., LLP

I began using Audit Dashboard two years ago and couldn’t live without it. I start each morning by checking my emails, checking the dashboard and having a coffee. It saves me a ton of time.

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Jessica DiRito, Partner
McGovern Hurley LLP

Audit Dashboard was quick to help us get up and running. We completed our training on a Friday in late January and were using Audit Dashboard with our first group of clients the following Monday. It didn’t take us long to understand the benefits and after a month, we increased our licenses by 35%.

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Paul Goetz, Partner

Everyone is very happy with AuditDashboard. Our clients are really enjoying it - several have voluntarily commented how much they enjoying using it.

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Ryan Gibson, Partner
Condley & Company, LLP