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Optimizing Engagements with Data

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Elizabeth Carroll
Audit Technology Specialist
Kreischer Miller
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Stuart Cobbe
Product & Analytics
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Dave Mundy
President & Founder
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When Kreischer Miller started using AuditDashboard, they asked an important question – how can we be as proactive as possible and use data to our advantage? Elizabeth Carroll, Audit Technology Specialist & Manager, kindly volunteered to sit down and share her first-hand experience analyzing data that has improved specific engagements and the firm on a macro level.

Highlights include:

Real-life examples of using Insights from AuditDashboard to track, debrief, and optimize engagements.

How Insights by AuditDashboard turns project activities and client interactions into actionable intelligence.

Opportunities for Firms to improve firm scheduling and resource allocation through data-driven decision-making.


 Click play to explore how your firm can optimize engagements leveraging data and Insights.

42 minutes, 28 seconds

This video is packed with so much valuable insight we’d recommend watching it twice.

How does AuditDashboard compliment your service model?

58 seconds

In this video, Nathan describes how MCM uses AuditDashboard's PBC Request solution to deliver a more efficient, more connected, digital client experience that enhances their personal and professional approach but does not replace valuable face time with clients.

Video: How else has AuditDashboard helped?

Should you mention AuditDashboard in your prospective client proposals?

48 seconds

In this video, Nathan describes how MCM has started to include details about Audit Dashboard in their proposal process and how they have been able to differentiate themselves from their competition by articulating to prospects how Audit Dashboard helps enhance their service approach.

How would you describe the service you receive from AuditDashboard?

46 seconds

In this video, Nathan describes how little support has been required after implementation, how quickly AuditDashboard's Customer Success Team has responded to questions and how they've leveraged an internal champion team to disseminate learning internally.

Kreischer Miller is a leading regional, award winning, CPA firm providing accounting, tax, and advisory services to the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas. Kreischer Miller serves growth-oriented private companies through growth phases, business cycles, and ownership changes. Kreischer Miller is a member of BDO Alliance USA, one of the largest associations of independent accounting and professional service firms in the United States.

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