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How to Make Your Next Digital Transformation a Success

This webinar first appeared on Encoursa, an industry-leading provider of continuing education offering live webinars and a robust library of premium on-demand (self-study) training.

Title: How to Make Your Next Digital Transformation a Success

Description: McKinsey Consulting estimates that 70% of digital transformations fail. This is a devastating statistic. The good news is that 30% of digital transformations are successful. In this webinar, you'll learn practical actions you can take to ensure your next digital transformation is among that 30%. Dave Mundy, President & Founder of, shares key insights from lessons learned helping his customers avoid common mistakes adopting client-facing software at accounting firms around the world. Dave hopes to inspire you to think differently about your next investment in technology and increase the interest, adoption rate, and success of your next digital transformation.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover a model to successfully implement new innovative solutions
  • Key success factors for identifying if your digital transformation is on track
  • Identify actions to make your next digital transformation less intimidating and more attainable
  • Avoid common mistakes by recognizing what differentiates a successful implementation from an unsuccessful one through case studies

Who Should Attend: CPAs and accountants who lead audit and tax client engagements with the goal of delivering a customer-centric experience. Finance professionals wrestling with an upcoming digital transformation and advisors interested in helping their clients are also encouraged to attend.

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