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We are committed to helping you achieve the highest standards for personal data protection and privacy.

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Confidentiality OVERVIEW

​​We take great strides to keep your business your business. From handling your data to complete transparency in our communication,we have designed our businesses around your privacy requirements. Read below to discover how our controls help protect your data.

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How We Handle Your Data

We’ve developed strict processes and privacy safeguards to ensure we are following industry best practices. Staff are re-trained annually with regards to essential privacy and security practices. We also review all sub-service vendors and hold them to the same standards and practices to which we hold ourselves.

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Transparency in Communication

AuditDashboard promptly reports suspected breaches or unauthorized access to Customer Data and continues to work with Customers throughout the investigation and resolution process.  AuditDashboard maintains a documented Security Incident Response Policy(SIRP) which governs our behaviour in the event of any unauthorized access to or disclosure of Customer Data.

Read our Customer Data Protection Statement here →

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Privacy and Your Country

Your data is stored where you want it and follows the rules set out by your region. We will always be transparent about how and where we store the data, and the steps you can take to manage or remove data.

Our Identity Partners

We work with industry leaders in the identity management space to streamline access management for both firms and client users.


Compliance Standards and Regulations

We actively participate in the security community and work with industry leaders. We obtain industry-accepted certifications and comply with industry standards and regulations. Be assured that your data is secure and compliant with AuditDashboard.

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