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Our platform is hosted in ISO 27001 / SSAE 18 compliant data centers located in several major regions globally.  Our systems are built and tested to provide maximum resiliency, uptime, and performance.

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Reliability OVERVIEW

​Organizations of all sizes​ trust AuditDashboard. From government to small business, customers of all sizes rely on us to be ready for them when they need us most. This is why resiliency ​is built ​into AuditDashboard and why we continually strive to improve our platform reach, ​​efficiency, and elasticity to serve ​you, ​our users.

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Cloud Infrastructure

AuditDashboard’s platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure’s ISO 27001 / SSAE 18 compliant data centers located in several major Azure regions globally. By leveraging Microsoft Azure’s platform AuditDashboard can take advantage of elastic scale, multi-spoke redundancy, and industry-leading security.

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We offer a financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees 99.9% uptime with our cloud platform. We make it easy to stay informed and track availability with

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Monitoring and Alerting

We constantly monitor the capacity and utilization of our infrastructure to ensure our service delivery matches your performance expectations. Automated monitoring and alerting inform our team of any changes to the operation of each customer portal. Covering performance, availability, and security metrics.

Our Identity Partners

We work with industry leaders in the identity management space to streamline access management for both firms and client users.

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Software Development Lifecycle Program

AuditDashboard adheres to a documented SDLC program that is reviewed and updated annually. This ensures that the products we deploy to support your teams are built securely, and pass industry-verified quality control processes, such as automated testing, automated deployments and independent third-party party reviews.

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Product and Data Safeguards

Our systems, databases, and data layers are built upon a storage architecture that affords multiple fail-safe points in a geographically redundant architecture. Databases are backed up in real-time, continually, and all data stored is guaranteed to be available in multiple redundant zones within your approved data region.


Compliance Standards and Regulations

We actively participate in the security community and work with industry leaders. We obtain industry-accepted certifications and comply with industry standards and regulations. Be assured that your data is secure and compliant with AuditDashboard.

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